Certification process

  1. In the first step, the service request form must be completed,
  2. The information provided will be reviewed and any deficiencies will be addressed,
  3. Based on the information of the request form for providing services and negotiations, the number of audit days will be determined and announced based on the existing requirements,
  4. Necessary agreements regarding the provision of audit services are performed and the audit contract is prepared and signed,
  5. The audit team is selected and in coordination with the audit team and the auditee, the audit date is set and the audit plan is prepared and presented.
  6. 1st Stage Audit: The documents are audited in order to prepare for the second stage audit and certify the requested domain,
  7. 2nd Stage Audit: In this stage, the audit is in accordance with the scope of work of the auditee in order to check the compliance of the existing system with the presented documents and audited standards and audit reports including strengths, improvement potentials and non-compliance. Possible is presented.
  8. In case of compliance of the audit results with the required standards, the certificate will be issued.
  9. Surveillance Audit: The validity of the certificate is three years and during these three years, with the prior coordination of the audited organization will be audited annually.