Our Vision for 2024

Achieving the third rank among the management system certification body in the country
چشم انداز ايزد هور آريا
بیانیه ماموریت ايزد هور آريا

Mission statement

Izad Hoor Aria Co. Ltd will be committed to providing valuable services to its customers, taking into account the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, especially accreditation body, relying on its human capital.

Our Goals

  • Improving the quality of auditing,
  • Increase market share,
  • Organizational development
اهداف کلان ايزد هور آريا
استراتژی‌های کلان

Our Strategies

  • Continuous development of human capital by employing and nurturing young and talented forces,
  • Establishment of comprehensive knowledge management systems, risk and marketing,
  • Increase market share by expanding the scope of activities and gaining credit from domestic and foreign forums

Fundamental values

  1. Respect for the high position of humanity,
  2. Valuing human capital as one of the weighty assets of the company,
  3. Provide a platform for fostering creativity and innovation,
  4. Encourage agility and flexibility,
  5. Value honesty, trustworthiness and confidentiality,
  6. Respect for work conscience and accountability,
  7. Respect for responsibility and meritocracy,
  8. Pay special attention to personal and organizational discipline,
  9. Respect for the privacy of individuals,
  10. Pay special attention to work-life balance,
  11. Adherence to national and international law, regulations and standards
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